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Service and Support

Intertech’s after-sales service and support is what has made it reach where it is today. A world-leading control room specialist.

Intertech constantly invests in building its resources to deliver unmatched services and support to it’s clients. As a result, we have clients who operate our solutions for extended periods of more than ten years, offering them the highest return on the display industry’s investment.

Discover the importance of service and support.

After-Sales Service and Support

24/7 Support

We are more than proud to announce that we have achieved a historical record of 14 years of 24/7 operations for one of our clients in the UAE.

To be able to achieve such results, Intertech provides the following:

  • Factory-trained dedicated service engineers

  • Shortest response time and around the clock support

  • Availability of spare parts locally

  • Provide client with application to reports and track.

  • Offer extended warranty

Intertech is a regional certified Barco service and support centre since 2007.

We have tens of service contracts and many extended warranty agreements with our existing clients.

You can extend your equipment warranty with us for up to 5 years.

Barco Certified Service and Support

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