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The Control Room of the Future

Biophilic Design

Placing operator and user experience at the core of our designs, we at Intertech believe the Control Room of the Future prioritises human needs above anything else. Biophilic design aimed at bringing nature indoors creates a sense of calm, allowing operators to contemplate and ground oneself amid the bustle of a hectic work routine.

We also aim to maximise on natural light to provide operators with an understanding of their environment, thus keeping them mentally aware of the time of day and ensuring a healthy circadian rhythm.

At Intertech, we employ fundamental design principles that ensure the smoothest path toward effective crisis management. From holographic projection technology to the use of RAMsys, we envision the Control Room of the Future as one that employs the latest technologies.

We believe that the use of RAMsys in providing operator’s with instantaneous access to every alarm and management system, coupled with the software’s AI functionality, is truly what the Control Room of the Future will look and operate like.

Crisis Management
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