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Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 1993, is located in Shenzhen High-tech Zone. It’s specialized in the R&D, production, marketing, and professional services of LED application products.

Over the past two decades, AOTO Electronics has established 17 member companies, including 4 overseas subsidiaries. With increasingly diversified lines of business and business entities, the Company has built a global business presence in LED display, financial technology, and intelligent lighting industries. Now staffed with about 1,000 employees, the Company has been expanding business development in depth and breadth, and enhancing its capabilities to develop into a strategically controlled internationally famous enterprise with diversified business operations.

Virtual Production/XR Studio

RM series is a star product specially designed for virtual production and XR studio, it features 1/6 lowest scaning mode in the premium offer, 7680Hz refresh rate, 99.6% DCI-P3 color gamut, and low reflectivity effectively reducing the effect from other disturbing light. RM2.3 has already constructed several huge studios around the world.

· Pixel Pitch: 1.56mm/1.95mm/2.31mm

· 1/6 Scaning Mode in the Premium Offer

· 7680Hz refresh rate

· 99.6% DCI-P3 Color Gamut

· Low Reflectivity

· Intelligent Product Design

RM Series

Virtual Production/XR Studio

MXH series is large-sized LED panel with a thin and light body, especially designed for rental applications. High set-up flexibility that ceiling or hanging Configurations are both achievable makes it the ideal choice for stage. Features wide viewing angle (beyond 170°), high brightness (6000nits) and wide colors (DCI-P3), MXH series perfectly meet the requirements of film and television shooting and showing the remarkable product value.
· Pixel Pitch: 3.75mm/4.8mm/5.85mm

· Big-Size Panel (960*480mm)

· Lightweight

· AOTO Full Viewing Angle Technology

· High Brightness (6000nits)

· DCI-P3 Color Gamut

· Ceiling Installation

MXH Series

Virtual Production/XR Studio

The new generation, AE series of floor display is designed for XR Studio applications, allowing creators to create more dreamy and creative spaces. The viewing angle of AE series can be up to 180 degrees in both the vertical and horizontal planes, and the image can have superb color consistency with no color cast. This allows for the optimal picture quality to be captured on camera in the studio.

· Pixel Pitch: 2.3mm

· Super Load Capacity (2tons/㎡)

· AOTO Full Viewing Angle Technology

· High Protection

· High Precision Splicing

· Floor Installation

AE Series

All-In-One LED Display

SID All-in-One series is designed to be elegant and high-class, in the concept of minimalism, the frame is designed to be only 6mm and the thickness is 19.8mm, the most lightweight all-in-one LED. Each part of SID series is well separated in a perfect position for the best product appearance, reaching the aesthetic of being elegant as well as high class.

Size(inch): 120inch/150inch/180inch 
· 6mm Ultra-thin Frame
· 19.8mm Thickness
· Elegant Swallow-tail-shaped Stand
· Less Power Consumption
· Lightweight

SID All-in-One Series

All-In-One LED Display

AOTO CV All-in-One LED Solution guarantees stunning visual performance and stable operation for indoor fine-pitch applications with zero noise. Integrated with multiple interactive functions like infrared touch, intelligent whiteboard, wireless screen sharing, remote video conference, etc., it fully bridges the gap between multimedia demonstration and knowledge collaboration.

Based on the latest Mini LED technology, AOTO CV All-in-One LED Solution is characterized by a smaller LED chip, 4.5 times robustness, and better sealing & optical design.


Creative LED Display

C series is a lightweight product with smaller pixel pitch of screen, it supports arc installation to fulfill the demand of creative LED display. It features the magnetic module to support front maintenance, the seamless connection, color higher dynamic range management and so on. It provides more imagination to the creative LED display applications.  

C Series

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