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Intertech Vision is an official Barco distributor in the region.

Barco’s world-class video walls are known for producing the highest quality images in the world. It comes available in different technologies (LCD, LED, rear-projection cubes (RPC) and RGB laser rear-projection), sizes and resolutions.

Their wide range of products are available for anyone who wants a control room that’s made to live.





LED walls excel in brightness and reliability, creating a stunning user experience in any location. Our portfolio of high performance indoor LED walls combine all the advantages of LED with Barco's well-known high quality, performance and service. Thanks to their high resolution and fine pixel pitch, our new generation of LED walls can now bring the advantages of this technology to applications beyond the typical LED markets. This includes control room and boardroom video walls.

LED Video Walls

Barco's narrow-bezel and bezel-less LCD displays are the perfect solution for tiled video wall applications. They are designed for use in control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centers, brand showrooms, broadcast studios and large meeting rooms.

Our portfolio consists of 55" LCD displays with LED backlights, combining high brightness (suitable for use in ambient lighting) and a wide color gamut with an extremely narrow inter-tile gap. The result is an excellent tiled visual experience.

LCD Video Wall

Rear-projection cubes (RPCs) are the preferred technology in many 24/7 control rooms, for example in the utilities or process control markets. They combine extreme longevity with excellent image quality and a very narrow bezel, ticking off all the boxes on control room professionals' wishing lists. Barco is a pioneer in RPCs, leading the market since the early 1990s.

Rear-projection Video Walls

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