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ISD has software development capabilities for design and develops high-quality software applications for situational awareness and remote communication in support of businesses to monitor, verify, resolve and manage events from remote locations. RAMSYS is one of the flagship software products of ISD and has been developed in a secure environment complying with requirements of international standards for information security – ISO 27001:2013. In order to ensure compliance and provide assurance of a good information security framework, ISD has developed information security procedures that are aligned to the controls of ISO 27001.


RAMsys is an unobtrusive remote alarm management system meticulously crafted to enhance the safety and security of your remote branches or assets. Revolutionizing traditional surveillance methods, it utilizes advanced technology to anticipate and alert you to potential incidents before they occur.


Our groundbreaking video streaming technology efficiently redistributes video feeds from remote locations to multiple destinations, all while keeping bandwidth demands to a minimum. Experience a new level of safety and security with RAMsys.

Remote alarm management made brilliantly simple for your business

RAMsys Mobile

RAMsys Mobile allows you to manage all your remote alarms from anywhere using your mobile device. You can view real time video streams, check status, and even remotely arm/disarm your system.

Remote alarm management
at your fingertip

RAMsys Cntrl

Our specially-designed Video Content Management System makes managing video walls a breeze, delivering streamlined oversight and expedited response times.

The Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) function rounds out the package. This advanced USB switching feature, compatible with Barco Opspace's system, brings an added level of efficiency to your workspace.

An intelligent AV content management & device monitoring software

RAMsys Eye

Get to know RAMsys Eye. It's your all-in-one tool for keeping track of security in real-time. It combines alarm and asset details, giving you a live look at your operations and helping spot problems early.


RAMsys Eye is built for managers and directors. It offers easy monitoring, clear reports, and in-depth analysis. Make better decisions and simplify your security with RAMsys Eye, the go-to tool for top-notch security control.

Analytic overview of alarms and assets that provides situational awareness

RAMsys Share

Allows you to share videos securely from your own network. You can send them to any number of recipients at once, using a secure connection.

Control room operators can now share video information anytime, anywhere, enhancing situational awareness from its intuitive user interface.

Enables sharing of video content within a secure environment

RAMsys Flux

Redistributes video streams from remote sites to multiple destinations such as video walls, crisis rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

Flux is a hardware-agnostic which makes it easy to deploy and maintain. It Supports 100 Full HD streams/Servers guaranteeing low-latency processing (less than 100ms). With its versatility, it can be deployed on physical and virtual servers.

Redistributes video streams from sites to multiple destinations

RAMsys View+

This innovative network-based multi-viewer allows you to share your laptop or desktop screen to a collaborative display effortlessly, eliminating the need for a traditional presentation system.


Installation is straightforward, with both Sender and Viewer applications designed for Windows PCs. The system offers pre-defined layouts for ease of use and includes a hardware viewer option for additional inputs through the Antrica Spotbox, enhancing functionality and versatility.

A multi-viewer which enables your laptop to be shared to a collaborated display


RAMsys is a non-intrusive situational management platform thoughtfully designed to keep your assets safer than ever. Created to change the current method of safety and security surveillance. It uses sophisticated technology to predict and notify you about incidents before they even happen.

Intertech Software Development is ISO27001 certified, which guarantees you a peace of mind and an exceptional level of information security.

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