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Design and Integration

Designing control rooms is a complex procedure requiring experts in the control room design field to ensure an efficient and human-friendly workspace in a safe environment. Intertech has one of the most skilled design teams in the region with a combined experience of more than 100 years in the control room industry.

Over the past 21 years, Intertech has designed and built more than 400 control room projects fully compliant with the ISO 11064 Ergonomic Standard. It is important to emphasize that a successful control room design will enhance productivity while reducing or limiting operators’ errors caused due to the work environment.

We at Intertech Vision ME are capable of designing control rooms for any industry and meeting different client’s requirements, whether it’s for Security, Broadcast, Oil and Gas, Traffic, aviation, Utility and Process Control and much more!

Control Room Design

Design Considerations

We strive to provide clients with the highest quality design possible. Centered around a human-centric approach, we at Intertech use the best practices in the field in order to create a successful control room design.

We ensure that each operator has optimal sight lines towards display walls, while also enabling an unobstructed and distraction-free workflow. We also ensure that the control room ambiance is well-suited toward operator’s needs.

We always aim to employ anthropromorphic design, working at the human-scale in proposing ergonomic design that places operator well-being at the forefront. Our ISO11064 ergonomic.

standard certification manifests itself in our use of ergonomic control room furniture, along with carefully designed room layouts that facilitate a natural workflow among control room operators.

We consider ergonomics to be a key design principle within any effective control room:


We constantly aim to design around the ever-evolving needs of our clients, iterating and pushing the boundaries of control room design through technology, spatial arrangement, and user experience.

Throughout the two decades of operation, we have proposed crisis management design solutions that ensure a steady workflow among our clients.

Our aim is to innovate in order to facilitate all control room operations. We believe in the power of technology coupled with innovative design strategies. This fusion provides us with a solid basis to design according to the specific needs of our clients.

Several crisis management room solutions we propose include:

Crisis Management

Through our two decades of operation, we have employed our expertise on over 500 installations, working within multiple industries. Our comprehensive approach has allowed us to propose top-notch control room solutions within various industries.

Several industries we have worked with include:

Civil Defense

Traffic Management

Financial Instituitions



Oil and Gas


Law Enforcement



Media Broadcasting


Comprehensive Approach

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