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Our Story

Intertech Vision Middle East is a world-leading control room specialist. It was established nearly two decades ago. With more than 555+ control room installations, 150+ years of combined experience and 25 years of innovation, Intertech stands today more ready than ever for any challenge it faces.

Intertech is set to supply the highest quality, specialised products and solutions whilst providing clients with a single point of contact for comprehensive control rooms design and value engineering services and post-installation maintenance and technical support. Intertech is ISO 9001 certified and strictly follows the ergonomic design for control rooms following the ISO 11064 guideline.

To design and deliver high-quality Command and Control Centers in specialist market-sectors and through this, establish a reputation in the Middle East as the premier technology partner of such State of the Art technology products and systems.


To design and install a high-quality control room for specialist market sectors and through this to establish a reputation in the Middle East as the premier provider of advanced technology products and solutions.


Our company is dedicated to maintaining integrity in all aspects of our business operations. We strive to provide high-quality products and services to our customers. We view our suppliers as valuable partners and are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction through every interaction.


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