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Remote alarm management made brilliantly simple for your business

RAMsys is an unobtrusive remote alarm management system meticulously crafted to enhance the safety and security of your remote branches or assets. Revolutionizing traditional surveillance methods, it utilizes advanced technology to anticipate and alert you to potential incidents before they occur.


Our groundbreaking video streaming technology efficiently redistributes video feeds from remote locations to multiple destinations, all while keeping bandwidth demands to a minimum. Experience a new level of safety and security with RAMsys.

Take a look at our software

Experience improved management with alarms readily visible on the left, including a real-time tally of unattended alarms for swift response.


Navigate effortlessly with the integrated map feature, pinpointing the exact locations of alarms for quick and precise response.


Empower your operations with the seamless workflow process, designed to guide actions and steps, ensuring efficient and effective alarm resolution.


Stay informed with comprehensive action and alarm histories, providing valuable insights for ongoing improvements and future decision-making.

Action & Alarm History

Why Choose RAMsys?

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