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How Cyber Secure are you?

Digital transformation and digitalization of businesses made many firms adopt new and most modern digital technologies. During this transition period, many of them phased out their legacy and analogue systems. The pace of digital technology adoption has increased multi-fold during the pandemic and might have created some security gaps in their secured IT infrastructure.

Many of these gaps will be unchecked or unnoticed by the organization unless someone carefully audits them. We realize the importance of an effective Cyber Security program once we encounter a cyber attack.

One needs to do a cybersecurity audit regularly to establish the success of these programs. Also, this will help in identifying gaps in their cybersecurity infrastructure.

We define security policies as part of the information security Standard practice, and quite often, we forget to check the effectiveness of the security policies described. Here a Cybersecurity assessment can help to validate the effectiveness of the security policies followed.

Typically, Cybersecurity assessments are concerned with the effectiveness of an organization’s security controls and. In contrast, in a Cyber Security Audit, the auditor will verify whether the organization has sufficient security controls in place. A regular assessment will predict the organization’s cyber health and give much confidence in the controls implemented.

Here are some important points to be considered in preparing for a Cyber Security Audit.

Establish a Data Security Policy to handle sensitive customer and employee information and ensure that CIA is applied to the policy. Review these policies regularly to check the relevance.

Make sure that all cybersecurity policies and make it available for reference at a central location. It is better to have consolidated Cybersecurity Policies that address Network Access Control, Mobile Device & Remote Working and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, etc.

Prepare a Detailed Network Diagram to highlight your assets and the network infrastructure.

Create a list of Important Resources, including security personnel and their roles and responsibilities

Intertech Software Development – ISD has software development capabilities for design and develop high-quality software applications for situational awareness and remote communication to monitor, verify, resolve, and manage events from remote locations. RAMsys is one of the flagship software products and has been built in our Intertech Development Environment (IDE), which follows all the best management practices for software development and a Certified ISO27001 Organization. All our software products are released after conducting a VAPT and successfully addressing all its findings.

April 8, 2021
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