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The Future is Here – RAMsys

During our journey, we came to realize that hardware-based solutions were getting under pressure from two primary aspects: Growing competition and diminishing margin.

The competition was and continues to grow from consumer electronic producers who are trying to reach the professional market while putting pressure on achieving a market share.

Our dream at Intertech Vision was always to find a unique business model to rise above the traditional competition. For many years, we believed that the future of our offering in the control room industry will not only be dependent on hardware solutions but also include our own in-house developed software solutions.

In 2012, Intertech successfully introduced the hardware-based remote alarm monitoring concept for the financial sector in Egypt. To date, our hardware-based system currently monitors more than 1,000 remote sites. We were always searching for how to enhance and improve our offerings to our clients for the best utilization of their investment. That’s when we discovered RAMsys.

In 2017, we decided to develop our own software development division at Intertech to create a software solution for our existing clients’ hardware remote alarm management. At the time, we thought it would be simple and straightforward to reach our dream, but it was anything but easy. However, our alpha version of the software received many compliments from our clients, who encouraged us to carry forward.

In early 2019, we decided to establish an independent software development company called Intertech Software Development (ISD). To achieve our goal, we hired a full-time consultancy team that resides at our premises, developing a software development strategy and the company structure from the ground-up. One of our main tasks was to train our software development team to become full-stack developers.

One of the current software industry standards is to become ISO 27001 (Journey to the ISO 27001) certified, which we achieved in the same year to assure that our software was developed under a strict IT security environment. Looking back at that achievement, we are very proud of it. It gives us the confidence to proudly say that we are in line with the software development industry requirements.

We wish our colleagues at our sister company Intertech Software Development (ISD) the best of luck and success in their adventure. To know more about their work and RAMsys in detail, please visit

June 1, 2021
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