Within the framework of providing comprehensive integrated control room solutions, INTERTECH is the business partner and represents major international technical furniture manufacturers with products appropriate for 24/7 and mission‐critical environments.

We provide attractive, ergonomic control room furniture that works with control rooms' operators to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Fully customized wide control room furniture for wide range of applications introduces state‐of‐the‐art control centers helps end user to upgrade technology and create ideal solutions. Our product developers and designers are eager to meet the individual customer expectations and business needs and to allow more effective productivity in 24/7 environments.

Technical Furniture’s unique, modular, space‐efficient concepts empower and motivate operators to work in harmony with technology. Not only due to legal requirements but also for comfort’s sake the ergonomics of our products enhance safety and offers form, function, layout, workflow, lightning and acoustic.

Our definitive technical furniture system sets new standards for modularity, ergonomics and high end aesthetics. The range of control consoles provide solutions for applications ranging from Supervisory and Engineering stations to dedicated 24/7 Operator Consoles and allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors and addition of accessories to ensure optimum ergonomic operating positions.

INTERTECH offers unparalleled range of consoles when it comes to innovative designs, ergonomic considerations and overall quality and durability. All our console solutions are custom designed to suit your unique requirements, using nothing but the highest quality materials. Our producer factory is ISO 9001 certified and all projects are staged prior to shipment, ensuring that nothing but the absolute best reaches your facility