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Taking Total Control of your Remote Assets

Controlling multiple remote assets from a centralised location poses a significant challenge. This was exactly the case in 2011 when we first met with the National Bank of Egypt. Fortunately, our technology partner Barco was ready with a solution; it just needed to be tested.

Having the opportunity to sit and discuss the client’s needs and concerns, we put together all our technical expertise to create and propose our first-ever hardware-based remote alarm monitoring solution. Being highly cost-effective, our concept provided the client with a data signal and live video transmission that enabled their remote assets to be connected to the central control room at HQ.

One of the most important functions that we provide the client with is remote access, allowing them to view incidents and control CCTV cameras. Our solution was engineered to send an alarm from a panic button along with a live video stream from the CCTV system to HQ. A proof of concept was presented successfully to the client, which was ultimately approved. The successful implementation of that solution presented an opportunity for us to start further developing the solution in order for the client to also receive other remote alarms from fire, access control, and intrusion systems.

The real success of our solution is based on connecting remote assets with HQ over a 2MB dedicated communication line. This contributes to a lower cost of ownership of the solution. The National Bank of Egypt is moving forward to connect nearly 800 branches to HQ and has already connected 400 of them today.

The client’s trust in us as a technology solution provider encouraged us to explore deeper into remote alarm management and to develop a software solution that aids to enhance the control room operation experience. Today, this insightful journey of research and curiosity has culminated in RAMsys, our revolutionary alarm management system.

November 22, 2022
Success Story 11
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