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RAMsys Mobile

Remote Alarm Management at your fingertip

RAMsys Mobile allows you to manage all your remote alarms from anywhere using your mobile device. You can view real time video streams, check status, and even remotely arm/disarm your system.

Stay informed with RAMsys Mobile's comprehensive alarm overview. Access real-time information on all current alarms, including their status, date, and more, ensuring you have the essential data at your fingertips to make informed decisions.

Experience efficient alarm management with RAMsys Mobile. This user-friendly app empowers security guards to swiftly verify or unverify alarms directly from their branch or location, streamlining security operations and enhancing response times.

Enhance your emergency response capabilities with RAMsys Mobile's direct call feature. Initiate emergency calls swiftly and directly from the app, ensuring rapid communication and coordination during critical situations.

Easily manage visual information with RAMsys Mobile's integrated gallery feature. View, send, and receive images directly within the app, enabling efficient sharing of critical visual data among team members during security operations.

Foster seamless communication among team members with RAMsys Mobile's built-in chat functionality. Send messages and collaborate in real-time, ensuring efficient coordination and information sharing during security operations.

Stay informed of past actions with RAMsys Mobile's action history feature. Access a detailed log of events, including timestamps, to maintain accountability and gain insights into the efficiency of your security operations.

Enhance safety and responsiveness with RAMsys Mobile's panic button feature. In case of emergencies, activate the panic button to instantly send alarms, ensuring rapid response and support when it matters most.

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