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Information Security – a Journey and not a Destination

In the present global scenario, many organisations are trying hard to normalise their business operations and protect their information assets. At this juncture, information and data protection is not a regulatory requirement priority but a sheer business need. This paradigm shift happened because of the turbulence created in the business environment due to the pandemic situation. Many organizations started looking very seriously at the establishment of an ISO 27001 program in their organisation.

Thanks to the advancement of cloud technologies, many businesses could swiftly move their business operations onto the cloud. For them, the need of the hour is to protect the data and information than forcibly follow some readymade policies and procedures.

The best part of ISO 27001 standard implementation in an organisation is that it guides a risk-based methodology for the business to apply and protect its information assets and systems. Along with implementing the standard requirement, it provides advice and guidance on the implementation and maintenance of an Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

If we investigate the ISO 27001 standard, we will realise that the standard is mandatory to set up a system to manage information security. The standard also lays out a list of controls that organisations should apply to reduce the organization’s information security risk.

Benefit Your Organization: An organisation can reap many benefits from implementing ISO 27001 standard. The first and foremost important benefit of implementing ISO2700 is establishing a mechanism for identifying the risk & its management. The risk management mechanism will enforce the organisation to review its identified risks and controls implemented on regular basis.

The control on Information Security awareness will ensure the organisation’s leadership appraise everyone in the organisation about information security and the security measures implemented and followed in the organisation. A top-down approach in information security awareness will ensure the consistency of purpose in the organisation.

People are the weakest link among the People Process Technology trio. Proper asset management coupled with access management practice will always strengthen this most vulnerable link. ISO 27001 standard requires organisations to keep an up-to-date and accurate list of the individuals who can access the information assets. It requires a valid justification agreed by the organisation’s management regarding whom and why the access is allowed. Technology also can be used to manage information access effectively and efficiently.

As an internationally recognised best practice for information security management, possession of an ISO27001 certificate can have a distinct competitive advantage for Organisations. Whether it is a private or a public sector, many large commercial contracts now require ISO27001 certification as a standard. For Intertech Software Development (ISD), we have set up our Intertech Development Environment (IDE), which follows all the best management practices for software development and a Certified ISO27001 Organization. Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is the core part of our Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

The actual achievement of ISO 27001 is a long process, and it requires a well thought out, logical, and measured approach to the implementation of information security controls. A good team of experienced information security professionals, including the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), can value add by defining and implementing a unified process and procedures as per the standards recommendation. Significantly it can help the organisation to understand and reduce the threat posed to its information assets. It is worth taking this journey.

RAMsys is a non-intrusive situational management platform thoughtfully designed to keep your assets safer than ever. It uses sophisticated technology to predict and notify you about incidents before they even happen. We bring your business into your own hands anywhere around the world. All you need is a laptop, tablet or a phone and you’re all set.

We are also IS027001 and ISO9001 certified, which guarantees you peace of mind and an exceptional level of security.

April 4, 2021
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