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The Importantance of Service and Support in the Control Room.

Aftersales service and support could be optional for products such as consumer electronics, home appliances and automobiles. However, for the professional products used in the control room, service and support are the most important factor for successful 24/7 operations.

At Intertech, we understand the great importance of delivering first-class services, from project kick-off to after-sales support. After all, we understand that services are the lifeblood of a company: Quality product, excellent service, and help create customer trust.

“Customer Trust” is the most important factor for customer retention; no matter how good a product, people won’t be satisfied if services fail.

That’s why we established a large professional services team devoted to during and after-sales support. We’re creating a large ecosystem of qualified, highly trained technicians who can deliver prompt services. With Intertech offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, technical support can reach the customer less than two hours’ flying.

On top of that, Intertech has a spare parts warehouse in the duty-free zone in Dubai, thus ensuring fast spare parts shipments to customers across the region. While in the past, spare parts for local Barco customers came from Belgium or Germany, they can now be shipped from Dubai. More than saving on shipment costs, this also ensures the availability of spare parts on Sundays or other holidays when Barco’s European warehouse is normally closed. Spare parts will always be delivered within one business day.

Intertech understands the pulse of customers in the region. The team brings comprehensive expertise in project management and control room technology and includes an impressive number of certified-trained technicians. Our customers are looking forward to having access to flexible and SLA-driven services. Intertech is the best partner to satisfying all their needs at an affordable price.

Intertech Vision, Professional services department, is committed to offering comprehensive control room solutions and services, such as Solution Architecture, Project Management, Installation, Software Support, Service and Maintenance and Training Services for private sector companies, enterprises and government organizations in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Egypt.

April 19, 2021
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