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AI & ML in the Evolution of Future Control Rooms

In the recent past, control rooms became fundamental to our daily life without us even knowing. They operate in almost every area of our daily activities. Moving around in the city, travelling abroad, getting power at home, having telecommunication service, the control rooms are there. State safety and national security rely heavily on command and control rooms.

Such dependence on control rooms to run our day to day life resulting more systems to monitor and more operators to act on the increasing number of alarms. The bigger your city is, the more operators needed, and a larger operation space required. That eventually leads to mega control rooms, leading to complex operation demanding more qualified human resources to operate.

It is obvious to the industry experts that some intelligence needs to be integrated into the way operation is handled to help control the constant need to expand the number and size of the control rooms.

Recently, we have noticed that AI & ML are slowly but surely taking place to smarten the control process. To give an example of what is currently used, are as follows:

  • Present the information only when it is needed to be seen.

  • Assist operation in decision making.

  • Provide an enhanced guided workflow based on events analysis.

  • Analyze events history to predict the future.

  • Using AI video analytics and machine learning to analyze a situation.

  • ML allows certain decision to be fully automated.


Taking all the above consideration, it is very important to emphasize that humans today will remain the final decision maker in the control room environment. AI and ML technologies will provide human with all relevant information to assist in deciding an action in the shortest possible time but will not decide on his behalf.

May 27, 2021
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