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The Beginning

The beginning of our story

It was a coincidence that back in 1997, the Intertech team executed our first control room project using currently available technology at that time, CRT projectors. The project was called FLAG – Fibre Optics Link Around the Globe, located in Fujairah. This was a challenging project due to 24/7 requirements. The successful implementation of this project encouraged us to search for similar projects at that time.

3 years later, we established the company in the year 2000 to only look after control room projects in the region. It was a challenging idea to materialise back then. At that time, we struggled to prove our capabilities to clients and suppliers due to a lack of history and reference. It meant starting fresh in a market that was very niche.

However, later that year, we managed to secure our first control room projects in the security, utility, and facility management industries. We started to strongly believe in our vision of becoming control room specialists in the region and received strong recognition from our clients and business partners.

Today, after 21 years of operation, we at Intertech Vision have installed over 400+ control rooms in the region with total revenue of AED 1 billion to date.

April 4, 2021
Success Story 1
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