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Approval of Design Version 47

In 2003, Emirates Airlines was in the process of designing its new headquarters next to Dubai Airport. Through our partner Evans and their successful implementation with various other airlines worldwide, Emirates Airlines reached out to us to explore the potential of working with them to design their new network operation centre located at the new headquarters.

Despite this project being a challenge for us due to the size of the 2000SQM control room and the number of operators, which exceeded 200 operators in multiple groups, we were successfully selected to join the design team for this NOC (Network Operation Centre).

Due to the complexity of the client’s requirements and their constantly changing input in the design, it took us three years and 47 versions of the design plan to reach the final version that met the client’s current and future requirements in the NOC. As a result of our dedicated and sincere effort during the design phase, the client decided to directly award the contract of supplying, installing and commissioning the large display wall and all technical furniture (consoles) to us in 2006.

This room was successfully operational in the year 2008 and is still perfectly operational to date. Our key success of this story was that we believed in our capabilities to deliver an outstanding outcome that matched Emirates Airlines vision and growth plan.

July 31, 2021
Success Story 6
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