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Egypt – The Land of Opportunities

We at Intertech Egypt, capitalising on our success within control room solution offerings and references in the Gulf region, began looking at transferring our knowledge within this speciality to the Egyptian market. We were also encouraged to move forward with our plan to open an ITV branch in Cairo based on a strong relationship with potential clients. In addition, many of our executive team members being Egyptian and thus being familiar with the culture, business model, and market needs in the control room area was an added benefit.

Back in 2009, we made our first move towards making this plan a reality and opened an office in Cairo. We noticed that the control room concepts we would regularly offer in the Gulf region did not exist in Egypt when we first started. This ended up being an advantage over any potential competition from integrators with an AV only background. Thus, we started our mission in transferring our expertise and knowledge, aiming to educate clients and integrators of the best practices in the control room industry.

In 2011, Egypt went through a challenging phase in all aspects of life, forcing a change in thinking about safety, security, and situational awareness. This was when our knowledge in video management and communication became needed. We specifically developed a hardware-based solution to provide our clients with gaining control over their remote assets. Considering the challenging circumstances our clients were facing, they showed interest to implement our solutions.

Between 2012 and 2017, we successfully implemented our solutions at the leading institutions in the financial sector. To date, we have more than 1000 remote assets that utilise our technology solution, providing peace of mind to these institutions.

Aside from our remarkable success in the financial sector, we also engaged in several projects within the power, traffic, broadcast, and security in the following years. Today, Intertech earned its position as a leader in the control room solutions offering in Egypt. We were successfully integrated into the Egyptian market and were accepted by almost all involved in the control room industry, either by clients, consultants or contractors.

Our ultimate goal is to assure that Egypt will be on par with other leading nations in the control room industry through building and implementing state of the art control centres countrywide.

November 22, 2022
Success Story 10
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