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A View of the Future – Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

Cairo has been the historical capital of Egypt for hundreds of years. It may be one of the oldest capitals in the world. Over the years, the city grew above its physical capacity making it one of the densest, with over (24million) inhabitants. This, in return, influenced the expansion plans inspiring the government to have a drastic approach to solve the problem. That’s when the New Administrative Capital plan was moved into action.

The New Administrative Capital will sit on 714 Sq km with an expected population of 6.5 million. It will be linked with the rest of the country with a modern transport network of new high ways, fast electric trains, monorails and others. The latest technology will be implemented in the infrastructure of the New Capital. Opening the door for us to participate by offering state-of-the-art control rooms for the project.

There was a need for multiple control rooms covering the requirements of security, infrastructure, transport and telecommunication. In addition, numerous control rooms are needed for the governmental entities, financial institutions and sports facilities.

Intertech, to date, has been successfully awarded and executed the control rooms for the following projects:

  • Command and Control Center – CCC

  • Sports City

  • Central Bank

    • Print Shop Control Room

    • Cash Center Control Room

    • Facility Control Room

  • Ministry of Transportation – Crisis / Control Room.

  • Ministry of Petroleum – Crisis / Control Room.

  • Ministry of Environment – Crisis / Control Room.

  • Ministry of Electricity – Crisis / Control Room,

  • Ministry of Health – Crisis / Control Room.

  • Ministry of Housing – Crisis / Control Room.

  • Ministry of Local Development – Crisis / Control Room.

  • Ministry of Petroleum – Experience Center

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Governmental Zone


Intertech utilized its 22+ years of experience and the strong business relationship with our partner Barco NV in the command and control centres to provide this project with the latest and most up-to-date solutions meeting International standards and best practices. We are proud to receive positive feedback from already operational control rooms in that project. It goes without saying that we will continue offering our utmost support during the operational period of these control rooms.

We consider ourselves privileged and honoured to have the chance to contribute to the success of the development of the new Egypt.

June 20, 2022
Success Story 13
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