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It was clear that there was a need for remote alarm monitoring software to manage and utilize the data received from alarms. In 2018, CIB decided to implement a comprehensive remote alarm monitoring solution that would connect and receive alarms from over 200 remote assets. Following the successful integration of the necessary hardware to connect to these assets.

In late 2019, we introduced our then-newly launched remote alarm management software, RAMsys, to CIB, considering their needs. ISD executed a Proof of Concept (POC) of RAMsys at CIB’s newly built control room. During the POC, we interacted with the CIB control room operation team and received valuable feedback on our software’s performance. This feedback provided an opportunity to confirm that we were aligning with the client’s needs and expectations.

By the second half of 2021, CIB awarded us a contract to provide the RAMsys software solution to manage alarms from their 200+ remote assets. As time went on, CIB looked to integrate alarms from sources other than those included in the original solution. This included AI video alarms, control of Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and health monitoring of the remote assets’ system components. Thanks to the microservices structure of the RAMsys software, we were able to create and monitor all the additional alarm types that the client requested. Today, CIB receives 26 different types of alarms from each branch.

On the 1st of January 2022, RAMsys was successfully implemented and became the operational platform for the CIB control room, handling thousands of received alarms.

As part of our software support program, we are excited to present to CIB our future developments. These will include the implementation of AI/ML for alarm verification, workflow assistance, RAMsys control, and RAMsys Eye. We assure CIB that RAMsys is an evolving software with significant growth potential, which will further enhance their operations.

Without a doubt, CIB are pioneers in utilizing innovative solutions across all areas of its operations. We are both grateful and proud of the trust CIB has placed in our company and our products, and for being our first RAMsys client in Egypt.

We must also highlight the crucial role played by our partner, Cascade Solutions Inc., in successfully implementing the RAMsys software. We extend our special thanks to Cascade for their unwavering support and cooperation throughout the past four years on the CIB project.

Success Story 14
CIB’s Journey with RAMsys
June 19, 2023
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