The Middle East telecom sector, specifically GCC area has experienced a rapid changes and extraordinary growth since 2002. Market liberalization, stunning increased competition, and the introduction of new network innovated technologies are all sand behind increasing consumer demand for better improved services.
In 2006, most of Middle East and Gulf countries experienced double and even triple-digit growth in the number of broadband subscribers. As a result, there are significant opportunities for telecom operators to tap into this potential to increase their revenues and bottom line margins.
The growth paths rely heavily on growing revenue share and growing the customer base, and preferably a mix of the two. In order to achieve that, telecom operators must be able to preempt competition and leverage the critical mass for competitive advantage.
Telecom advanced network operation centers with the ultimate control on the network parameters, facilitate telecom operators to cope with their customer base demand, have full monitoring capabilities, offer the outstanding service levels, acting proactively in encountering potential errors and map possible network optimization whenever and wherever required. All together will share the increasing of the customer base for the better service offered and increase the line margin due to the saving caused by the full control on the network resources.