The prosperity of the Most gulf countries and its rapid transformation from a backward desert region to one with a booming economy have been made possible by revenue from oil exports.
Oil has underpinned the development of the UAE thus far, but there are growing signs that natural gas will be playing an increasingly big role for the Emirates as a whole throughout the twenty-first century. Not only does the UAE own vast reserves of its own, but it is also taking the initiative in developing the Emirates as a hub from which to supply a network that will benefit the entire Gulf region – and possibly countries further afield at a later stage.
The UAE possesses nearly 10 per cent of the world's total reserves, and there is no doubt that oil will continue to provide the income for both economic growth and the expansion of social services for several more decades at least. In the coming years, natural gas will play an increasingly important role in the UAE's development – particularly as a fuel source for power generation, petrochemicals and manufacturing industry. Ultimate importance of Oil and Gas for UAE and Gulf region, directing the governments to devote a big chunk of the revenues to develop the sector.
Monitoring and controlling each single oil drop has become the buzzword for oil production countries in order to control the rapid depletion of the natural resource.
Maintaining procedures on paper and tracking actions manually is labor intensive, costly, inefficient and risky. With a greater focus on safety and compliance, it's time to reduce costs and minimize risks by choosing proven electronic visualization system – used widely in many other industries.
Oil and gas control room solutions support producers with the innovative and intelligent tool to monitor, adapt and control the entire operation from drilling stage till distribution.