Intertech Vision, ME extends its stories of success by introducing Multi Touch Displays from the leading manufacturer of Multi-touch LED-LCDs in the world. 

The incomparable product's line of our Multi touch developed with:

  • Wide varieties of LED-LCD display sizes from 46"-84"
  • 4K Resolution with 4 times the resolution of Full HD.
  • Varieties of touch technologies; Optical, IR. EMR & Dual (Optical & EMR).
  • Enhanced interactive capabilities with 4 points of Multi Touch.
  • Ready-to- Operate products supplied with all the hardware and software to put the screen into operations.
  • Wide varieties of options to fit your application like the Built-in PC, Pen tray with Hot keys,Motorized floor stand and much more.
AHA Multi-touch LED Display

The Multi-Touch Displays become essential part of interactivity process required for

  • Educational applications
  • Meeting rooms and crisis management centers.
  • Commercials and advertising.
  • Digital signage and interactive Kiosk
  • Information display and way-finders.