BARCO Stereoscopic Projectors

BARCO Projectors is the base we are building our solutions on,With up to 4K resolutions and up to 33,000 ANSI Projectors we design / build Single Projection Displays, Multi Projectors Displays, Immersive Curved Screens and CAVEs.
Barco 3D Video Walls

With its LED Light Engine and 65Cm. Footprint, you can build a complete Virtual Reality environment at the minimum space available with the lowest operation cost.

The 3D LED Video Walls are available in 50” & 70” with only 0.8mm gaps.

Barco 3D Video Processors

Behind the scene, BARCO improved the 3D Video Wall Processors to manage video signals to be displayed.

A single or a multi display channels, single or multi sources, domestic or remote locations, 2D or 3D content, all would be process in a single display image.